Will the iPhone 6 have a bigger screen? Do you have screenvy?

iPhone with 4.8″ Screen Size (image from appledigger.ru)

There has been lots of discussion over screen size for the iPhone. Apple says that if they build an iPhone with a bigger screen, users won’t be able to reach the entire screen with one hand significantly limiting the device’s usability. However, with competitors making smartphones with much larger screens, people are starting to get screenvy – a serious condition where a person wishes their smartphone had as large a screen as their neighbor’s smartphone.

In January of 2013, rumors began to spread that Apple was working on an iPhone with a bigger screen size – 4.8″. It seems that many of these rumors were unfounded. However, a Russian site AppleDigger.ru went so far as to create a mockup of an iPhone with a larger display. Here is a video of what that might look like:

So, what do you think? Do you have screenvy? Let us all know by answering the question below:

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