How to use Reading List on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

How to use Reading List on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod TouchReading List is a way to save webpages and articles that you want to read at a later time. It even includes a handy offline reading function so that you can preload a bunch of articles and webpages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch before you jump on the plane and access all of them even though your iOS device is in airplane mode.

Here is how to use Offline Reading List:

1. Open up a webpage on your iOS device in Safari that you want to add to Reading List for later reading.

2. Once the page has loaded, tap the Sharing icon located in the middle of the navigation controls at the bottom of your screen. This will bring up the Share Sheet, from which you can choose Add to Reading List. Tap on this to add the page to your reading list. The page will download and be saved for later.

How to use Reading List on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch3.  To access your reading list, simply launch Safari and tap on the Bookmark button at the bottom of your screen just to the right of the sharing icon. Here you will see all of your bookmarks and bookmark folders. At the top of this list is a tab with a pair of reading glasses, indicating the Reading List. Tap on this to show all of the articles and pages you have saved. Tap any of the articles to read it. Once you have read the article, it will be moved from the Unread section of the Reading List to the All section. The next time you open the Reading List, all you will see are the articles that you have not yet read.

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  4. This just doesn’t work. I save a page to my reading list in ios6 and now ios7 and when I try it offline, it just says Safari can’t access the page because the iDevice is not connected to the internet. Am I the only one? Opens fine when online. Not when offline.

    • That is too bad that it doesn’t work on your device. I just tested it on my iPhone right now and I have data and WiFi turned off and was able to access the saved page. A couple things to keep in mind is that if the webpage has a lot of images it may take a few minutes to fully download so that it can be accessed offline. Other than that, you may want to try to close the app from the multitasking tray and then restart your device and try again. Hope this helps!

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