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  1. Simon Bates
    October 19, 2013

    This just doesn’t work. I save a page to my reading list in ios6 and now ios7 and when I try it offline, it just says Safari can’t access the page because the iDevice is not connected to the internet. Am I the only one? Opens fine when online. Not when offline.

    • TeachMeiOS
      October 21, 2013

      That is too bad that it doesn’t work on your device. I just tested it on my iPhone right now and I have data and WiFi turned off and was able to access the saved page. A couple things to keep in mind is that if the webpage has a lot of images it may take a few minutes to fully download so that it can be accessed offline. Other than that, you may want to try to close the app from the multitasking tray and then restart your device and try again. Hope this helps!

  2. Samson Simpson
    September 2, 2014

    Didn’t work for my ipad 4 either….tried 6 different pages, some with no images.

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