Two iPad Cases I Recommend

I discovered a company on Amazon called New Trent that makes iOS accessories. They have two cases for the iPad that I own and especially like.

The first is a bluetooth keyboard case. It completely protects the iPad screen and back. It easily clips in and out of the keyboard attachment to be used on its own for reading or playing a game. The iPad can swivel from landscape to portrait and can adjust to multiple viewing angles. There are special function iPad keys at the top of the keyboard that include a home button, brightness controls, a search button, music and volume controls and a few others. Whenever you close the iPad keyboard case, the iPad automatically turns off. It turns on when you open the case. The only drawbacks are that the case is a little awkward to open and the keys are slightly smaller than a normal keyboard. Other than that, this is the perfect case for work and play. It gives me laptop functionality but can easily convert into a tablet when I need.

The second case is designed specifically for giving presentations. It also comes with a front and back protector. When you need to use your iPad, you simply pop the top case off and begin to use it. I used the case when officiating a wedding. The leather strap secures the iPad to your hand and allows for hand gestures without the fear of tossing your iPad. This case is a nice one to have on hand (no pun intended) if you give a lot of presentations.

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