Dark Sky Review – Incredibly accurate weather app for iPhone, iPad (Mini, Air), and iPod Touch

This post reviews Dark Sky, an incredibly accurate weather app that notifies you, down to the minute, when it will rain or snow in your area. Dark Sky for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch quickly and proactively provides you with important weather information tailored to your precise location. Many weather apps, such as Yahoo! Weather (one of my personal favorites, check out our video review here) are focused on offering a ton of detailed information in order to provide you with a deep understanding of what the weather will be like in your area. Dark Sky, on the other hand, Continue Reading →

Forecast – Use live animated weather as wallpaper on jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch

Forecast is a jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 that uses live, location based weather animations as your device’s wallpaper. This is a video review of Forecast, a beautifully designed jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 that uses live weather animations as wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out the video below! For more information on jailbreaking, please see our series on the subject starting here. To find out how to jailbreak iOS 7, click here. Forecast is available for 99 cents. Use the Search tab in Cydia to find and purchase it or tap here.

App Review – Yahoo! Weather for iPhone and iPod Touch

This is a video review of the Yahoo! Weather app for iPhone and iPod Touch. This app combines a lot of useful weather information with great visual design, making it one of the best weather apps available on the App Store. You can find Yahoo! Weather on the app store for free. Access the video review below.  

Display Hourly Weather in Weather App

  The built in weather app on the iPhone can easily display hourly weather. Here’s how: 1. Launch the weather app 2. Tap on the second day listed and drag down. The first day listed will expand to show hourly weather. 3. Tap and drag back up to return it to normal. 4. Alternatively, you can tap on the text in the weather app titled “hourly” under the city name.