Bloard – Use dark keyboard by default on jailbroken devices

Bloard is a jailbreak tweak that uses iOS 7’s dark keyboard as the default keyboard throughout iOS. If you’ve been using iOS 7 for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are two different keyboards included with the OS – a light keyboard and a dark keyboard. Most often, iOS 7 opts for the light keyboard as it is more in line with its white design aesthetic. However, I remember that when I saw the dark keyboard slide on to the screen for the first time when using Spotlight search I thought, “Woah.” The dark keyboard matches my Continue Reading →

The Top Note-taking app for iPad (mini)

Notability – The Top Note-taking app for iPad (mini) There are a rare few iPad (mini) apps that actually make it onto my dock. Today I’m excited to introduce to you one of my most favorite note taking applications called “Notability”. Notability’s features, ingenuity, and ease of use have made it my top note taking application that I recommend to anyone as a “must-have”. Here are some of the features that really drew me to this app over other note taking apps such as Paper and Penultimate: Cloud Syncing and Backup: Notability supports back ups utilizing Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Continue Reading →

How to change font size of text messages on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

How to change font size of text messages on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

Did you know you can change the default font size of text messages on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch? There is an easy way to do this through the accessibility features. Accessibility features on the iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch are designed for those with special needs. Apple has gone to great lengths to make their devices accessible to all people including those with hearing, sight, and motor skill impairments. These accessibility options are helpful for everyone. For anyone with a sight impairment or if you just prefer a larger text size on your iDevice, simply navigate to Continue Reading →

How to use split keyboard and undock keyboard on iPad (Mini) for easier typing

In iOS 5, Apple introduced a split keyboard function on the iPad and iPad Mini. This feature works in iOS 6 as well and allows you to move the keyboard up and down on the screen in two halves so that you can type easier when you are holding the iPad (Mini). The feature works both in portrait and landscape mode. The space bar also splits in two when the keyboard is split to give easy access for both thumbs. You can also undock the keyboard without splitting it and move it to a different place on your iPad or Continue Reading →

How to quickly create calendar appointments or call someone when a date or phone number appears in text form in iOS 6

Built in to the basic features of your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch is the ability to quickly create new appointments or make a call when a date or phone number appears in text form on your device. This is true for emails, text messages, webpages, and many other places where text appears on your iOS device. You will know when you can use this feature if the date and/or the phone number is a different color from the rest of the text. Whenever you see this, all you need to do is to tap on the date or Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Hold down the backspace key on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to begin deleting whole words

If you have written a lot of text in an email or a pages document or anywhere else, you can quickly delete large sections of text. To do this on your iPad, iPhone (Mini), or iPod Touch in iOS 6 simply hold down the backspace key for 4 seconds. For the first 4 seconds, the normal delete function will happen where one letter is deleted at a time. Then, after 4 seconds, your device will enter rapid delete mode where it will delete entire words at once as long as you hold the backspace key. Remember, if you delete too Continue Reading →