Quick Tip: Access Camera Roll directly from Camera App

This is a quick tip that comes in handy if you take pictures with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. To quickly jump over to your Camera Roll without leaving the Camera App, simply tap on the thumbnail icon in the lower-left of the screen that displays the last photo or video you took. This will give you immediate access to the photos in your Camera Roll. Hit the Done button in the top-right to jump back over to the Camera App. Pretty simple.           3D Touch Bonus Tip! – If you 3D Touch on the thumbnail instead of tapping, Continue Reading →

Tap to focus when taking a picture with Camera app

Whenever you are taking a picture of something with your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch you can simply tap on the screen to refocus the image. A little box will appear on the screen and the image will refocus. This is especially helpful in a couple different scenarios. 1. Close up photos: Whenever you take a close up photo of a flower, a person, or anything else, you can get an impressive quality photo by making sure you have the lens focused in the right spot. You do this by tapping on the specific location on the screen Continue Reading →

Everything new from Apple’s “Hey Siri” event

Last Wednesday, September 9th, Apple held a gigantic keynote event in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The iPhone usually takes center stage at Apple’s fall events, but this time the company had so much more to announce! Let’s take a quick look at what they unveiled. Apple Watch – Watch OS 2, New Models, New Bands The first thing Apple covered in their keynote was Apple Watch. The watch is a new product category for them, and it seems like so far the Apple Watch has been extremely successful. Apple already talked details about Watch OS 2, which will Continue Reading →

New Features in iOS 8 – What to Expect

Apple has announced iOS 8, the next version of its mobile operating system which will be released in the fall. In this post we’ll talk about what to expect. A few weeks back, Apple gave the public a preview of iOS 8 at its World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). There are a ton of new features that will be coming this fall to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch near you. In this post, we’ll run down and explain the most exciting new features that you can expect to see in iOS 8.   New Stock Keyboard with QuickType – Compared Continue Reading →

Slo-mo Mod – Use slo-mo video mode on unsupported jailbroken devices

This post overviews Slo-mo Mod, a jailbreak tweak that enables the iPhone 5s’ slow motion video capture mode on older iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.     One of the features that Apple used to show off the power of its newest flagship phone, the iPhone 5s, was its slo-mo video capture mode. The iPhone 5s’ A7 processor packs in enough power for the phone to capture slow motion HD video at 120 frames per second. Unfortunately, as often is the case with Apple’s best and newest features, the slo-mo video mode that was released on iOS 7 for the Continue Reading →

Add High Quality SLR Effects to your photos with free iPhone-iPod Touch App – Tadaa SLR

Add High Quality SLR Effects to your photos with free iPhone-iPod Touch App - Tadaa SLR

If you are looking for a way to add high quality SLR effects to your photos, then check out this free iPhone and iPod Touch app that will to just that. The iPhone and iPod Touch have made capturing photos easier than ever before. And now, you can capture even better photos with the improved optics in the iPhone 5s and all the software magic of iOS 7. But, what if you want to make your photos look like they were shot with a high quality SLR camera? Tadaa SLR is the answer. This app allows you to edit an existing Continue Reading →

Apple Reveals iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

On Tuesday, September 10th, Apple revealed its latest iPhone hardware. This year instead of one new iPhone, they announced two: the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. In this post, I’ll overview the two new handsets in detail covering all the new features and updates. While the bulk its keynote address focused on the iPhone, Apple also described a few other exciting things that are coming this fall so I’ll cover those as well. Let’s get down to it! iPhone 5c – Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, Apple has always debuted one new iPhone model each year. They Continue Reading →

4 Hardware Improvement wishes for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Wish list for future iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Having been an iPhone user since the original iPhone was introduced in 2007, I have thought a lot about specific hardware improvements that would make the overall user experience better. It is never clear what Apple will introduce but here’s to hoping that 1 or all of these items on my wish list will appear in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. 1. Elongated home button that is touch sensitive and allows for multitasking app switching Over the past couple of years, there have been some rumors about the potential of an elongated or oval home button. The idea behind Continue Reading →

How to automatically remove redeye and enhance photos on your iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

This article will explain how to use the built-in Photos app to enhance, edit, and automatically remove redeye on photos with your iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch. Whenever you use the flash to take a picture of someone, you run the risk of the person having red eyes. This not only looks freaky 🙂 it can also ruin some otherwise really good pictures. There is a way to fix this on your iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch. In fact, you can auto-enhance any photo and do basic photo editing including cropping (resizing) with any picture on your iOS Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Take a picture while you are shooting video on your iPhone 5

iPhone 5 photography how to

One of the helpful features that the iPhone 5 offers that none of the other iOS devices offer is the ability to take a picture while shooting video. This means that you get the best of both worlds. You can be capturing a memory or experience on video and when the perfect photo opportunity arises, you can capture that too. Taking a photo in video mode is simple. While you are recording, simply tap the Camera icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will capture the photo while continuing to record video. The only downside is that Continue Reading →