Best Features of iOS 10

Best Features of iOS 10

This article is all about the best features of iOS 10. Apple released iOS 10 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on September 13, 2016. iOS 10 is one of the most feature packed upgrades to iOS ever. But with all the new features, there are several that stand out as the best and most useful. Here are 7 of the best features of iOS 10: 1. Messages The Messages app includes incredible new features in iOS 10. There are different kinds of effects to highlight the message you are sending as well as a new feature called Invisible Ink. With Invisible Ink Continue Reading →

How to use punctuation with Siri and Dictation on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Siri has advanced voice recognition skills that continue to grow with each release of iOS. This includes the ability to turn spoken punctuation and spacing into the appropriate punctuation in the sentence or paragraph you are dictating. This is really helpful when you are driving and trying to send a text message to someone when the message includes punctuation. It is also helpful when you are dictating a sentence or paragraph for an email or a text document. Instead of stopping every few words to manually type in the punctuation, you can just tell Siri what to put in for Continue Reading →

How to save battery life while using Turn by Turn directions with Apple Maps App

There is no doubt that whenever you use any mapping application on the iPhone or iPad (Mini) Cellular, there will be significant strain on the battery life of the device. This is because the GPS chip is constantly sending and receiving signals in order to provide you with moment by moment location updates. One of the tremendous advantages of using the turn-by-turn directions on the built in Apple Maps app is the way it is integrated into the operating system. This gives the Maps App a significant advantage over other mapping apps like Google Maps. Some of these advantages include Continue Reading →

How to get Siri to set a wakeup alarm and a timer on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Siri is Apple’s personal assistant that was introduced with the iPhone 4S. You can ask Siri all kinds of things using normal sentences. There are a number of requests I make of Siri every day. Two of these are setting a wakeup alarm and a timer. 1. Wakeup Alarm Each night when I go to bed, I ask Siri to set an alarm for me. You can say, “Wake me up at 7am.” Or, you can say, “Set me an alarm for 7:30 in the morning.” Siri will respond by telling you that your alarm is set. You can also Continue Reading →

Top 10 Best (some hidden) Features of iOS 9

Top 10 Best (some hidden) Features of iOS 9

This article gives the top 10 best (some hidden) features of iOS 9. With the release of iOS 9, Apple added some incredible features to the software on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Although there are hundreds of new features in iOS 9, here are the best top 10 features. 1. More Intelligent Siri: Search (inside apps, specific settings: open bluetooth settings, photos) and Reminders Siri received some of the biggest enhancements since being introduced with iPhone 4s. The most significant improvements, besides better word detection and quicker responses, include what Apple calls, Intelligence. Siri is smarter in so many Continue Reading →

Everything new from Apple’s “Hey Siri” event

Last Wednesday, September 9th, Apple held a gigantic keynote event in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The iPhone usually takes center stage at Apple’s fall events, but this time the company had so much more to announce! Let’s take a quick look at what they unveiled. Apple Watch – Watch OS 2, New Models, New Bands The first thing Apple covered in their keynote was Apple Watch. The watch is a new product category for them, and it seems like so far the Apple Watch has been extremely successful. Apple already talked details about Watch OS 2, which will Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to set songs from your music library to be your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch Alarm Clock Sound

Quick Tip: How to set songs from your music library to be your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch Alarm Clock Sound

This is a Quick Tip on how to set songs from your music library to be your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch Alarm Clock Sound. In iOS 6, Apple enabled a feature in the Clock app that allows you to set a song from your music library as your alarm clock tone so you can wake up to beautiful music rather than the built in sounds. This works in iOS 6, iOS 7, and iOS 8 for the iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch. It is quite easy to set this up. Here are the steps: 1. Launch the Clock Continue Reading →

New Features in iOS 8 – What to Expect

Apple has announced iOS 8, the next version of its mobile operating system which will be released in the fall. In this post we’ll talk about what to expect. A few weeks back, Apple gave the public a preview of iOS 8 at its World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). There are a ton of new features that will be coming this fall to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch near you. In this post, we’ll run down and explain the most exciting new features that you can expect to see in iOS 8.   New Stock Keyboard with QuickType – Compared Continue Reading →

iOS 7.1: Getting Siri to listen until you are done

Getting Siri to listen until you are done

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanted Siri to remind you of something and right in the middle of you talking she says, “What do you want me to remind you of?” It’s frustrating, right? Well, with the iOS update 7.1 there is a fix. It’s actually pretty simple. Usually you hold the home button until you hear the familiar “ding” and then you let go and begin to talk to Siri. Well, if you hold the home button down and keep holding it down you can ask Siri to remind you of whatever it is Continue Reading →

How to Set Volume for Music, Ringer, Alarm, and Siri – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

How to set volume for music, ringer, alarm, and Siri - iPhone, iPad (Mini), iPod Touch

This article explains how to set the volume on your iOS Device for music, ringer (iPhone only), alarm, and Siri. There are three different volume settings on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices which can make setting the correct volume a little tricky. If you have ever wondered how to set the correct volume for music, alarm, ringer, or Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, tVen read on. Setting iOS Ringer (iPhone Only), Alerts, and Alarm Volume The ringer volume only applies to the iPhone. When using an iPhone, the Ringer and Alerts volume (which includes the Alarm volume) Continue Reading →