Airmail Review – Great, fast email app for Mac OS X

This post reviews Airmail, a fast email client for Mac OS X that combines a simple design with great features.     I’m someone who uses and likes most of Apple’s native apps on iOS and Mac OS X, but I’ve never been a fan of the stock email apps on either platform. Mail on iOS, while it has been improved in the last few years, just seems to have a lot of extra features that I don’t tend to use. I like the experience of sending emails to be simple and lightweight. The Mail app on Mac OS X Continue Reading →

Summary of Apple’s Oct 22nd iPad event

Tuesday, in its third major media event of 2013, Apple took the lid off several new hardware and software products. The star of the show was the iPad, which received a major overhauls, but many other products were announced and released as well including new Mac computers, Mac OS X Mavericks, and more. This post is a summary of Apple’s Oct 22nd iPad event. Let’s take a quick look at everything Apple announced Tuesday! OSX Mavericks –¬†Apple gave an extensive preview of version 10.9 of Mac OS X earlier this year, but Tuesday it released the latest version of the Continue Reading →