11 iOS Apps to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions

The iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch are fantastic devices to help you set up and follow through with fitness and diet goals. Here are 11 apps that will help you achieve your new year’s goals. As an aside, my advice is to set goals that will stretch you but not to be too ambitious that you will not be able to follow through. 1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (MyFitnessPal.com) This is an app that helps you enter your current weight and your target weight and then helps you set goals to reach your target weight. The app gives Continue Reading →

10 Essential Apps for your New iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

If you just purchased or received an iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch as a gift, then one of the first questions you are asking is, “What are the best apps I can get for my new iPhone 5, iPad Mini or any other iOS device?” Well, the truth is, there are a ton of really great apps out there and it partly depends on how you are going to use your iOS device. So, I just chose 10 that I use often. I highly recommend these. Some are free and some are not, but they are all worth having Continue Reading →

Launch Center Pro – An app with customizable shortcuts

Launch Center Pro is an app that I use every day on my iPhone. It is so important that it actually displaced Safari on my dock. I use Launch Center Pro to turn on/off the LED flash on the back of my device making it a flashlight. I use it to take me directly to the camera section of Instagram so that I’m ready to add a photo or capture a new one almost instantly. I have a shortcut to search for and dial contacts. I also have a number of my most used apps in a group so that Continue Reading →

Get the best 2Do app out there and check your Todo App search off your list

One of my favorite productivity apps is called “2Do”. It is an incredible todo list app that seamlessly syncs with iCloud and the built in “Reminders” app. This app has a ton of features but I will summarize a few here so you can get an idea of how useful this tool can be. First of all, this app is a Universal app which means that you only have to buy one app that works on both the iPad and the iPhone (and iPod Touch). And again, with iCloud, it can seamlessly syncs with all your iOS devices. Once installed, Continue Reading →