Notifyr Review – Receive notifications from iOS devices on your Mac

Notifyr is a helpful app that allows you to receive notifications from your iPhone, iPad (Mini, Air), or iPod Touch on your Mac.     I’ve become a big fan of apps that allow my iOS devices to interact with my Mac. A while back, I reviewed an app called Knock that allows you to unlock your Mac simply by knocking twice on your iPhone. Recently, an app called Notifyr was released that lives in the same vein. This app (which actually consists of a pair of apps, one for iOS and one for Mac) lets you receive any and Continue Reading →

Dark Sky Review – Incredibly accurate weather app for iPhone, iPad (Mini, Air), and iPod Touch

This post reviews Dark Sky, an incredibly accurate weather app that notifies you, down to the minute, when it will rain or snow in your area. Dark Sky for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch quickly and proactively provides you with important weather information tailored to your precise location. Many weather apps, such as Yahoo! Weather (one of my personal favorites, check out our video review here) are focused on offering a ton of detailed information in order to provide you with a deep understanding of what the weather will be like in your area. Dark Sky, on the other hand, Continue Reading →

Enable “Do Not Disturb” on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to give yourself a peaceful break

Apple introduced a helpful feature in iOS 6 called “Do Not Disturb”. When enabled, your device silences all incoming notifications, phone calls, and vibrating alerts. For once, you can enjoy a break from all those Facebook notifications :). Here is how to get the most out of this feature: Locate the “Do Not Disturb” toggle in the settings app. If you switch it on, you will notice a little moon appears to the right side of the time at the top of your screen. Further customization of the “Do Not Disturb” feature can be found by tapping on the “Notifications” Continue Reading →