How to search and shuffle songs with Music App on iPhone and iPod Touch and configure buttons

How to's for iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

There are a few features of the built in Music app on iOS 6 that are subtly hidden. These include how to search and shuffle songs. If you have been using an iDevice for awhile these two features may be very familiar to you already. If you aren’t familiar with how to search and shuffle songs, then this article will help you get more out of your iPhone and iPod Touch Music app. You can also configure which buttons appear on the bottom of the screen in the music app. Here’s how to search and shuffle songs as well as Continue Reading →

11 Tricks for How to use your Apple Earphones or EarPods with Inline Remote

11 Tricks you can do with your Apple EarPods or Earphones using the inline remote

One of the things I love about Apple is that the company has figured out the art of putting incredible functionality into very simple and elegant products. Unfortunately, the simplicity sometimes hides features. When the iPhone 5 was announced, Apple also introduced the EarPods. These are specially designed earphones that add additional clarity, deeper bass, better fit for more ears, multiple mics for noise cancellation, and the inline remote. The inline remote is packed full of all kinds of features. Here are 11 of these features: 1. Volume up/down When you squeeze the plus sign on the inline remote it Continue Reading →

Logitech Bluetooth Speaker: The perfect portable wireless speaker for your iPhone or iPad

I just recently purchased this Logitech Mini Boombox (new version is the Logitech UE Mobile Boom Box) for my iPhone and iPad. It is amazing! It is about the footprint of your iPhone and about 3 inches tall. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours. The speaker can also be used as a handsfree calling device to receive calls. The controls are all touch sensitive controls on the top of the speaker. You can play/pause, skip forward/backwards, and receive a call. The sound is great and packs more bass than you would expect from such Continue Reading →

Home Button (From Lockscreen)

The primary button on your iOS device is the Home Button. This button has various uses depending on how many times you push it and how long you push it. From the lock screen, the home button is used to activate the screen. This brings up  “Slide to Unlock” where you can simply slide your finger to unlock the device. If you have set a passcode (which I highly recommend as a way of protecting your device), then you will have to enter it before you can begin using your iOS device. The Home Button has a couple of other Continue Reading →