How to quickly switch to and use 3D Flyover Mode in Apple Maps App

This is a quick and easy tip on how to switch to 3D Flyover Mode in the Maps App on your iPhone, iPad (Air, Mini), and iPod Touch. The Apple Maps app on iOS devices has greatly improved since it was announced a few years back. The Flyover feature is one of my favorites. Flyover allows you to zoom in on certain cities and get a photographic 3D view of the city. It is really fun to explore new cities this way or to get a 3D birds eye view of your own city. There are dozens of cities that Continue Reading →

ETA Review – How to quickly find current driving times on iPhone and iPod Touch

This post reviews ETA, an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to quickly see how long it would take to walk or drive to your favorite locations. I really like apps that boil down complex information and make it easy to digest. ETA is one of these apps. Developed by a company called Eastwood, ETA lets you build a list of your most-frequently-traveled-to locations. The app then displays how long it would take, from your current location, to drive or walk to each of them. Let’s take a closer look at ETA and see how it combines Continue Reading →

How to adjust volume for Maps App Turn-by-turn Directions in iOS 6

How to adjust volume for Maps App Turn-by-turn Directions in iOS 6

Did you know that you can adjust the volume for the turn-by-turn directions on the maps app in iOS 6? The volume comes set at Normal Volume by default but the Normal Volume level is often too loud depending on the surrounding noise. If you need to change the volume for the Maps App you can do this in the Maps section of the Settings App. Launch Settings and scroll down to Maps. Tapping on the Maps Settings reveals various options including volume adjustment, kilometers/miles, as well as font size options for the labels on the map. To adjust the Continue Reading →