Jawbone UP Review – Two months wearing a fitness tracker

For the last two months I’ve been wearing the Jawbone UP, a fitness tracker. Let’s see what this experience can tell us about using the Apple Watch. The dawn of the Apple Watch is upon us. It remains to be seen if Apple’s latest new product will redefine the industry like the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad did. That said, I’m looking forward to trying out the Apple Watch for myself and will be part of the dedicated (and/or crazy) crowd of people that stay up late and pre-order the watch on April 10th. It will be interesting to see Continue Reading →

Human – the Best Free App to test Health Kit in iOS 8

Human - the Best Free App to test Health Kit in iOS 8

Human is the best free app to test Health Kit in iOS 8. With the release of iOS 8 came Health Kit – Apple’s way of collecting all the various health and fitness tracking data on your iPhone into one informative dashboard. In summary, Health is an app on your iPhone that syncs up with other apps that track health and fitness. This can be something that is inputed via external hardware (like a heart rate monitor like theĀ Jarv Bluetooth Heart Rate MonitorĀ or the Apple Watch) or simply tracked by the built-in M8 Motion Coprocessor. This is a chip in Continue Reading →