3 Essential Photography Accessories for your iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5

iPhone 4S photo with Olloclip Macro Lens

It is amazing how the smartphone camera is quickly replacing point-and-shoot cameras. There are times that I even leave my Nikon DSLR at home because I know I have my iPhone 4S with me that will take incredible photos. In addition, the improved optics on the iPhone 5 make your pictures look even better and allow you to take clearer photos in low light situations. Who knows, with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, wedding photographers might get rid of their fancy cameras and start using their iPhone… (ok, that’s taking it a bit far, but you get my point). Continue Reading →

11 Tricks for How to use your Apple Earphones or EarPods with Inline Remote

11 Tricks you can do with your Apple EarPods or Earphones using the inline remote

One of the things I love about Apple is that the company has figured out the art of putting incredible functionality into very simple and elegant products. Unfortunately, the simplicity sometimes hides features. When the iPhone 5 was announced, Apple also introduced the EarPods. These are specially designed earphones that add additional clarity, deeper bass, better fit for more ears, multiple mics for noise cancellation, and the inline remote. The inline remote is packed full of all kinds of features. Here are 11 of these features: 1. Volume up/down When you squeeze the plus sign on the inline remote it Continue Reading →

5 Things you can Ask Siri: Movie Reviews, Sports, Launch Apps, Make Reservations, and Post to Facebook and Twitter

Apple gave Siri a big upgrade in iOS 6. There are hundreds of things that you can ask Siri. Unfortunately, Siri is not available on all iOS devices. Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd and 4th Generation, the iPad Mini and the latest iPod Touch. Here are 5 things you can ask Siri: 1. Movie Reviews Siri has a ton of knowledge about movies. You can get movie times, reviews, theater locations, etc. If you want to get a review for a specific movie, just ask. I asked Siri for a review on The Continue Reading →

Quick Photo Tip: Tap and hold on the screen for 3 seconds to lock focus (AF) and exposure (AE)

One of the features in the camera app that I use all the time is the AE/AF Lock. This is where the focus and exposure settings lock in even if you point your device at a different location. For example, sometimes if I am trying to take a photo of someone or something where the object is off center, the camera will automatically focus on the background but I want it to focus on the foreground. There is a simple way to remedy this. Here is how: 1. Open up the camera app. Point the camera directly at the foreground Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Pinch to zoom when using Camera App on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

If you find yourself in a place where you need to zoom in when taking a photo, you can simply place your thumb and a finger on your iPhone or iPad screen when in the Camera app. Then, with your thumb and finger still on the screen slowly spread them apart. The subject of the photo will get bigger as you zoom in. Keep in mind, this is a digital zoom meaning that the more you zoom in, the less you will get in photo resolution (your photo will become slightly pixelated). To zoom out, simply reverse the process. Alternatively, Continue Reading →