Quick Tip – Access extra buttons in Calculator app on iPhone and iPod Touch

This post shows how to access the stock Calculator app’s hidden buttons by turning your device sideways. Some of the most useful apps in iOS are the simple ones. The stock Calculator app on iPhone and iPod Touch has been around since day one and is a great option for doing quick calculations on your device. However, sometimes the Calculator can be too simple. In fact, in iOS 7 Apple simplified the app even more by removing some buttons, including the memory buttons, from the Calculator’s main screen. Fortunately, these buttons and many more buttons that are typically included in Continue Reading →

Tydlig Review – Great alternative calculator app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

This post reviews Tydlig, a great alternative calculator app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Sometimes you just need a calculator. I frequently pop open the stock calculator app on iOS to do quick calculations when I’m budgeting throughout the week or shopping for groceries. One of the best things about the stock calculator app is its simplicity. But there are some situations where I need more options. Of course, I could turn my iPhone into landscape mode to access a lot of extra features in the calculator app, but then the buttons are very small and somewhat difficult Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Swipe to delete digits in Calculator app on iPhone or iPod Touch

This article will show you how to delete digits entered into the Calculator app on iPhone and iPod Touch. Wouldn’t it be great if you could edit entries you make into the stock iOS Calculator app without having to clear them entirely?  Fortunately, thanks to a little known trick that Apple has baked into its software, you can! Simply swipe left or right across the Calculator display to remove entered digits one at a time.      This way, you won’t need to start all over if you hit a wrong button!  Please note that this trick only works before Continue Reading →