Taasky – a beautiful task & to-do list for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (mini)

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 8.53.51 PMTaasky – a beautiful task & to-do list for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (mini)

Chances are either you are great at coming up with big ideas and your “finally going to wrangle the details in your life” or you’re already pretty studious with your task management and are looking for something to better maximize your time and effectiveness. Regardless of where you land, Taasky might just be the app you’re looking for to help you keep on top of the to-do’s in your life.

Like any app, if the main features take more than a few minutes to figure out then most people will likely delete the application and move on to a different one. GTD, or “Get Things Done” productivity applications like this task manager are not in short supply so ease of use, design and rich features are a top priority. After opening Tassky for the first time you are guided through two simple steps for creating new tasks: First, pull down to create a new task. Second, swipe left to edit tasks and away you go.


Upon creating your first new to-do item (swiping down) you enter the title of your task, assign which list you want it to be added to, include a due date and can “star” it which gives it a larger font in your list and sets it as your one and only priority. Unfortunately, you can only have one task as your priority as the creators say, “It’s a scientific fact that a human can only focus on one thing at a time. That’s why we added the main priority feature, which stands out only one priority task.” Apparently staying focussed is something masses must struggle with.

IMG_2345IMG_2349To-do’s can easily conglomerate into one large never ending list, which for all the “non list people” out there it means they’ll likely create all their to-do’s and then never check back because it’s too overwhelming. This is why Taasky utilizes a “List” feature which allows users to separate their tasks into different categories so they can focus on only one area at a time. Lists are revealed by swiping to the right, and can be edited by pulling up on your list of lists which reveals the settings button. From here you can edit your list name, color and symbols. Under the settings window you can also add tasks to the calendar, sync your tasks with iCloud, see archived tasks among a handful of other customizations.

IMG_2355IMG_2354Maneuvering your tasks based on priority is as simple as holding your finger on the task and then moving it to where you want it. Once you have a very basic understanding of how the application works, you are then able to then move quickly and seamlessly through the app creating tasks that remind you to focus on the things you need to most.

For those truly addicted to being productive, Taasky also has a “Stats” feature that users can purchase for $.99 which offers “useful statistics about your productivity”.

IMG_2344IMG_2352So whether you’re productivity driven person that adds a task you’ve already completed for the sheer enjoyment of checking it off (you know who you are!), or you’re looking for an app to better maximize your time and effectiveness, Taasky might be the perfect app for you.

What is your default app for lists and to-do’s? Let us know in the comments section below.

To give Taasky a spin on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (mini), you can download it for $1.99 by clicking here.

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