How to move or hide app icons on Apple TV

In this post, I’ll overview how to move or hide app icons on the Apple TV.


Recently, Apple has added many new apps and features to its Apple TV streaming media box. Apps added just this year include iTunes Radio, HBO GO, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Smithsonian Channel, Sky News, Watch ESPN, MLS Live, Vevo, WSJ Live, The Weather Channel, and Crunchyroll. Quite a list! With all this added functionality, the Apple TV is a much more compelling product than ever before. However, without the option to create folders for these apps like on iOS your Apple TV’s home screen can get unorganized and cluttered pretty quickly. Fortunately, you can cut through the clutter by rearranging your app icons or by hiding apps that you don’t use. Let’s see how to do just that!

Rearrange App Icons

Step 1: Navigate to the home screen on your Apple TV

Step 2: Select the icon you want to move

Step 3: Push and hold the Select button on your Apple Remote  This is the middle, aluminum button in the middle of the directional buttons. The app icons will begin to wiggle, much like on iOS.

Step 4: Use the directional buttons on your Apple Remote to move the icon 

Step 5: Press the Select button again – The app icons will stop wiggling and your app will stay in its new location!

Note: You cannot rearrange the app icons located in the top row (i.e. Movies, TV Shows, Music, iTunes Radio, and Computers).

Hide App Icons Using Parental Controls

Step 1: Navigate to Settings/General/Parental Controls

Step 2: Use the directional buttons and the Select button to show or hide each app in the list

Step 3: Done! – The apps you have hidden will no longer appear on your Apple TV’s home screen. To re-add them, simply repeat the process and select “Show” instead of “Hide.”

Having the ability to rearrange or hide app icons on the Apple TV’s home screen can make it a lot easier to find the entertainment content you’re looking for!

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