Quick Tip: Access full screen mode in Safari with iPhone running iOS 6

Full-screen mode in Safari on iPhone in Landscape running iOS 6

Enter full screen mode in Safari by tapping this button with outward facing arrows when your iPhone is turned sideways (landscape).

The Safari app in iOS 6 has a special feature that allows you enter full-screen mode. This will make both the top bar (with the web address) and the bottom bar (with the navigation controls) disappear. It is an immersive web experience (if there is such a thing on a 3.5″ or 4″ screen :). To activate this feature, simply turn your iPhone on its side so that it is in landscape mode. Once you do this, you will notice that there is a little button in the bottom right corner with 2 arrows pointing outward. Just tap this button and the bottom bar will disappear leaving a translucent button with 2 arrows point inward on the bottom right and navigation buttons on left. Now you can enjoy whatever web page you are viewing without losing screen space at the top and bottom. To exit full screen mode, simply tap on the button with the arrows pointing inwards.

This is what Apple’s website looks like when viewed with an iPhone in full screen mode in Safari.

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