Quick Photo Tip: Tap and hold on the screen for 3 seconds to lock focus (AF) and exposure (AE)

One of the features in the camera app that I use all the time is the AE/AF Lock. This is where the focus and exposure settings lock in even if you point your device at a different location. For example, sometimes if I am trying to take a photo of someone or something where the object is off center, the camera will automatically focus on the background but I want it to focus on the foreground. There is a simple way to remedy this. Here is how:

This is an example of where AE/AF Lock has been turned on. I focused on the wall up close, locked the AE/AF by tapping and holding on the screen, then pointed the camera at the Christmas Tree in the background. The effect is a soft blur of the lights on the tree.

1. Open up the camera app. Point the camera directly at the foreground object that you would like it to focus on. When the camera has focused, tap and hold on the screen for 3 seconds. The little box will flash around your finger and then you will see a little AE/AF Lock appear at the bottom of the screen.

2. Now, you can move the camera back to where the object in focus is off center and the automatic focus will be disabled, keeping the background blurred. It makes for a nice effect.

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