Looking for a job? Here are 6 iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch Apps that can help you in your job search

the app that helps you find a job and get hiredFinding a job is a difficult process. Thankfully, technology can help make the job search process a little easier. With websites like Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, Monster.com, LinkedIn and others, it is simple to search for jobs that might fit your skills and experience (for a review of various job search websites, see this article: 10 Best Job Search Websites). Additionally, there are some iOS apps that can help in the process as well. Here are 6:

1. JobAware (Free)

This is an app that taps into the power of the Indeed.com job search website. There are various ways to search for jobs including top cities, jobs close to you (using your location and GPS), and all cities including cities internationally. With a few simple taps, you can track job listings as your Dream Job, Second Choice Job, or Third Choice Jobs. The app includes a simple checklist for each job listing so can track your application progress. Additionally, you can compare salaries for hundreds of occupations in the top 50 U.S. cities. If you are looking for a job, this is a fantastic app and you can’t beat the price! Click here to get the app: JobAware

2. Interview Questions Pro ($.99)

This is a fantastic interview prep app. The interview questions were created by Human Resource (HR) experts from a variety of different Fortune 100 companies. In addition to the questions that come with the app, you can create your own flash cards with your own questions. Overall a great value for $.99. Click here to get the app: Interview Questions Pro

3. JobMo (Free)

This app allows you to search for millions of available jobs as well as apply for them directly on your device. There is also an interactive map that shows what jobs are available in your area. There is a networking component that lets you connect with other job seekers for job info and interviewing tips. Click here to get the app: JobMo

4. Resume Maker ($2.99)

This app allows you to create a resumé / CV right on your iOS device. It comes loaded with resume templates that you can customize. Then, the app allows you to share your resumé with others via email or upload it to Dropbox. You can also import all of your information directly into LinkedIn to keep it up to date. Click here to get the app: Resumé Maker

CardMunch app to keep track of all your business cards5. CardMunch (Free)

Do you ever get overwhelmed tracking business cards? Then, this is the perfect app for you. CardMunch allows you to take a picture of business cards and the information will be transcribed and returned to you, all for free. The app has a feature that lets you automatically import the contact information directly into your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch contact list. Your original picture of the business card is saved as well so you can always double check to make sure the info is correct. Click here to get the app: CardMunch

6. cPRO craigslist client for iPhone and iPod

Craigslist.com has increasingly become a place where employers will post new job openings. This is the premium app for any craigslist experience. You can save searches, and mark postings as favorites to come back to. The app also lets you directly respond to any job postings. Click here to get the app: cPro craigslist client

There is also a $1.99 version of this app that gives you notification alerts for searches. You set up your search criteria and the app goes to work searching craigslist.com for you until a listing with your criteria is available. When it finds a listing, you will get a notification allowing you to be among the first to respond. This is an extremely helpful feature for job listing searches. Click here to get the $1.99 app with notifications: cPro craigslist client with notifications

Have you discovered other apps that have been helpful in your job search? Let us know in the comments section.




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