Learn a new language for free with Duolingo App for iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

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Have you ever wanted to learn a second or third language? Have you been discouraged by the high prices of many language learning software applications? Well, Duolingo has an incredible method of teaching you a new language through their new iPhone/iPad app – and it is completely free. No ads or other distractions. They are currently offering 4 languages: Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.

So, what’s the catch? How can this language learning website (Duolingo.com) and app be totally free? Here is a Ted Talk that explains the origin of Duolingo. Basically, a tech genius by the name of Luis von Ahn, brainstormed how he could translate the web into different languages (since it is predominantly offered in English). He saw this as a way to empower people living in other cultures with all of the knowledge and facts that can be accessed through the internet (remember LBG – life before Google?).

Learn a new language for free with Duolingo App for iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

Duolingo has multiple different learning methods including reading, writing, listening, matching, etc. The lessons progress in difficulty and you can even challenge a friend to learn with you!

As he researched it, he determined that normal methods of translating the internet into other languages would literally cost hundreds of millions of dollars. That wasn’t feasible. After more brainstorming, he tasked some of his students with creating a language learning website where the person learning the language (for free) would be simultaneously translating portions of the internet into that language without even knowing it. Duolingo is the result of this experiment. It is a win-win: you get to learn a language for free, the world gets the internet translated into their native language for free! How cool is that. Definitely check out the Ted Talk and download the Duolingo App (affiliate link) that was just released in the App Store. Then, enjoy learning a new language for free!