Launch Center Pro – An app with customizable shortcuts

Click on icon to find Launch Center Pro in the App Store

Launch Center Pro is an app that I use every day on my iPhone. It is so important that it actually displaced Safari on my dock. I use Launch Center Pro to turn on/off the LED flash on the back of my device making it a flashlight. I use it to take me directly to the camera section of Instagram so that I’m ready to add a photo or capture a new one almost instantly. I have a shortcut to search for and dial contacts. I also have a number of my most used apps in a group so that I can launch any of these without the need to go through multiple folders on my device. Whenever I have a task I remember on the go for work, I have a shortcut created that pre-fills my work email address so that I can type a quick Subject line and tap send. This app is loaded with features. Check out the video to see it in action first hand. Click here to go directly to the app store: Launch Center Pro (affiliate link – purchasing the app through this link helps support this blog).