iOS 8 set to be released on September 17, 2014

IMG_1549-1.PNGWith Apple’s announcement of bigger iPhones and a brand new  Watch at their keynote on 9/9/14, we now know the specific date that iOS 8 will be released. iOS 8 will come to iPhones and iPads on September 17, 2014.

iOS 8 is by far one of the biggest upgrades to come to iPhones and iPads. There are dozens of features that will truly change the way that people interact with their iOS devices. Here are just a few of those:

 Extensions: This feature allows developers to securely access other apps and core functions in iOS. For example, my favorite password manager app is called 1Password. 1Password is an amazing password generator and manager app that has simplified my life by allowing me to not only track all my passwords for online accounts but also generate much more secure passwords than I used to use. Up till now, I have had to open up the 1Password app, copy the password I’m looking for, and then reopen the corresponding app or website and paste the password in. With extensions, 1Password can build in the password retrieval function making it available for other apps to securely access.

 Continuity: This feature builds on iCloud sharing of documents and makes it so that you can begin a document, email, or text message on your computer and then pick it up on your iPhone or iPad. Continuity also works the other way where you can start something on your iPhone or iPad and pick up where you left on on your computer.

 Voice Messaging and Video Messaging: This feature expands the capabilities of the built in Messages app. Not only can you send a short text message, but now you can also send voice clips and video clips that can be recorded right within the Messages app itself.

There are dozens of additional features that will make the release of iOS 8 one of the biggest yet. Two days after the release of iOS 8, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will also be available. Then, in early 2015, Apple is set to release the Apple Watch ( Watch).

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