Human – the Best Free App to test Health Kit in iOS 8

Human - the Best Free App to test Health Kit in iOS 8Human is the best free app to test Health Kit in iOS 8. With the release of iOS 8 came Health Kit – Apple’s way of collecting all the various health and fitness tracking data on your iPhone into one informative dashboard. In summary, Health is an app on your iPhone that syncs up with other apps that track health and fitness. This can be something that is inputed via external hardware (like a heart rate monitor like the Jarv Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor or the Apple Watch) or simply tracked by the built-in M8 Motion Coprocessor. This is a chip in the iPhone that helps apps track fitness and movement functions in the background while you are going about your normal day. It can track sitting, standing, stairs, walking, running, cycling, driving, etc.

In order to test out the Health app, you need an app that will feed data into the Health app. There is an excellent free app called Human that does just this. It is a very simply app that runs in the background after being launched the first time. Human keeps track of all your exercise and movements throughout the day (as long as your iPhone is in your pocket or in a purse or backpack that moves with you). The idea behind the Human App is to motivate you to get to at least 30 minutes of basic movement and exercise each day to help you stay healthier.

Here is how to set it up and use it with full Health Kit integration:

1. Download the App

Human - the Best Free App to test Health Kit in iOS 8

Here is a link to the Human App in the iTunes store. Just follow this link to download the app: Human

2. Launch the Human App

Once the app has downloaded, simply tap on it to launch it. Create a new account or link the account to your Facebook Account for easy sign in.

3. Launch the Health App

Human - the Best Free App to test Health Kit in iOS 8Health is available on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c have limited functionality in the Health app since neither device has the Motion Coprocessor. The Motion Coprocessor was first introduced in the iPhone 5s. If you have one of these devices you can open up the Health app that comes preloaded with iOS 8. Tap on “Sources” at the bottom of the screen and then tap on “Human”. Here you can enable or disable any information that you want to be shared between the apps.

Human also has a widget that can be added to notification center to give you a quick glimpse at your daily progress. To add this widget, simply activate Notification Center by dragging down from the top of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the widgets and click on the “Edit” button. Then, tap on the plus symbol next to the Human App in the list. This will add the widget to your Notification Center.

4. Enjoy your new Fitness Tracking Device

That’s it! Now you are all set up to have your iPhone track your movement in the background and automatically sync the info with the Health app. At any point, you can open up the Health app and tap on “Dashboard” to see your progress for the Day, Week, Month, or Year.

That is a brief description of Human – the Best Free App to test Health Kit in iOS 8!

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