How to use your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch as a Walkie-talkie

How to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Walkie-talkie

Voxer App for iPhone and iPod Touch turns your device into a Walkie-Talkie

Did you know you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Walkie-talkie? It’s actually quite simple with an app called Voxer. The app is free and works globally as long as you have an internet connection. It also works between iOS and Android devices so that you can connect with all of your friends no matter what device they have.

Here is a direct link to the app so you can try it out for yourself: Voxer Walkie-Talkie

Here is the description from the developers:

Voxer is “A truly live push-to-talk and multimedia messaging tool, without the restrictions of other cellular services.

There’s no contract, and Voxer works on any iOS or Android device, and on any WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G or Edge network worldwide.”

How to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Walkie-talkieThe other benefits of Voxer are that you can use the app as a free text messaging system with the ability to send photos as well. The app is also built to take full advantage of push notifications and background processes. This means that you will get a notification on your device when a friend is trying to talk with you via Voxer. The app stores the message as an audio recording so you can listen to it at any point. If you aren’t able to respond to the message when it comes in, you can tap through to the notification later and listen to the message.

In addition to the free version, Voxer just released an enterprise version to connect an entire employee team – Voxer Pro. The system is managed by an administrator who can create groups and grant access or revoke access to individual employees as needed. Voxer Pro carries a per user monthly subscription fee. This can be a valuable system to connect a global team with minimal costs while avoiding carrier fees and cross-platform issues.

If you want to turn your iPhone into a walkie-talkie, then you definitely need to check out the free Voxer app. Click here to go to the app in the App Store: Voxer Walkie-Talkie

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