How to trace through paper onto iPad (Mini), iPhone, iPod Touch

This article will show you how to trace onto your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch. Trace a printed image or a graph or illustration from your class notes. Convert a photo to a hand drawn work of art.

The other day I was messing around on my iPad and I got to wondering if it would be possible to trace through paper on my iDevice. So, I tried it. And, it worked! It is actually quite easy to do with a couple of necessary items. Here is how to trace onto the iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch:

What you need:

Capacitive Touch Stylus to trace through paper onto iPad (Mini), iPhone, iPod Touch1. Capacitive Touch Stylus – this is a stylus that is specially designed for touch screen devices. This type of stylus usually has a special rubber tip or a soft weave tip.  I really like the stylus that NewTrent makes. It is inexpensive and uses the soft weave tip that glides on the touch screen much easier than a rubber tip stylus. If you don’t want to purchase a stylus, you can also use your finger although it won’t be as accurate. Here is a link to the NewTrent Stylus on Amazon: New Trent Stylus (Twin Pack)

App to trace onto your iPad and iPad Mini2. Note taking app – any note taking app will work for this as long as it allows you to draw on the screen. I use Penultimate on the iPad which is one of the best note taking apps out there (Tap/Click here to find the app in the App Store: Penultimate – iPad App Only). Penultimate automatically syncs with Evernote to make your notes available on all your devices. It works great for drawing and tracing. If you want to trace onto an iPhone or iPod Touch, a good app to use is Jot! Whiteboard (Tap/Click here to find this app in the App Store: Jot! Whiteboard).

3. A piece of paper (lightweight) that has something on it that you want to trace. This tracing trick is especially helpful if you are taking notes in class and want to transfer a printed diagram or chart from printed notes that your teacher handed out onto your digital class notes. It is also fun for transforming pictures into hand drawn works of art.

How to trace onto your iOS Device:

How to trace onto iPad (Mini), iPhone, iPod TouchNow that you have the items you need to trace onto your iDevice, open up your note taking app. Once you have a blank note open and the pen tool selected, place the piece of paper directly on the screen of your iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch. You can tape it on the edges or just hold it with your hand. Now, take the capacitive touch stylus and begin tracing the image on the piece of paper. Be careful not to rest your wrist or any of your other fingers on the paper as you trace because this will add unwanted lines to your tracing. Note: Be sure to only use a capacitive touch stylus to trace onto your iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch because a normal pen or pencil will not work and might cause damage to your screen.

How to trace onto iPad (Mini), iPhone, iPod Touch

Then, when you have finished tracing the image, remove the piece of paper and enjoy your newly traced piece of art. If you have just traced the outside edges, you can use the app to finish coloring in the image.

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