How to control iPhone and iPad Settings with your voice using Siri

This article is all about how to control iPhone and iPad settings with your voice using Siri. With each new version of iOS, Apple continues to expand the capabilities of Siri. In iOS 9, Apple gave Siri the ability to control system settings on the iPhone and iPad. This means that you can control things like screen brightness, low power mode, turn wifi on/off, turn Bluetooth on/off, etc. This can be very helpful as it allows a direct shortcut to these settings by just using your voice.

If you have not yet set up Siri on your iPhone or iPad, here is a quick “how to” on Setting up and personalizing Siri on your iOS device: How to Set Up and Personalize Siri on iPhone and iPad. In case you haven’t accessed Siri before, all you need to do is press and hold the home button on your iPhone or iPad. The screen will fade to mostly black and you will see the Siri waveform at the bottom of the screen. Now that you know how to activate Siri, here are some of the settings that you can control with your voice:

  1. Airplane Mode: You can activate airplane mode simply by saying, “Turn on Airplane Mode.” Siri will ask if you are sure you want to activate Airplane Mode since this feature will turn off WiFi and Cellular connections which also turns Siri off.  
  2. Bluetooth: to turn Bluetooth off and on, say, “Turn Bluetooth off” or “Turn Bluetooth on.”   
  3. WiFi: to turn WiFi on and off, simply say, “Turn WiFi on” and “Turn WiFi off”  
  4. Cellular Data: For Cellular Data, say, “Turn off Cellular Data” and “Turn on Cellular Data”  
  5. Do Not Disturb: To enable and disable Do Not Disturb mode, simply say, “Turn on Do Not Disturb” and “Turn off Do Not Disturb”  
  6. Screen Brightness: You can control the brightness of your screen through various voice commands using Siri. Say things like, “Dim my screen,” “Brighten my screen,” “Set Brightness to 100%,” “Set Brightness to 0%,” or any percentage you want between 0% and 100%.  
  7. Low Power Mode: To extend battery life, simply say, “Turn on Low Power Mode” and then to turn it off, say, “Turn off Low Power Mode”  

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