Hotel Tonight for iPhone, iPad (mini) and iPod Touch

Hotel Tonight AppHotel Tonight for iPhone, iPad (mini) and iPod Touch.

You check out of your hotel, throw the bags in the rental car or taxi and head out with just enough time to make it through traffic as you make you’re way to the airport when you’re greeted by a sea of brake lights. After over an hour of being stuck in traffic you miss your flight… great. Now what? Hotel Tonight is a unique app in that they have worked out contracts with many different hotel companies to help ensure you get the best deal possible… and when I say deal, I mean up to 70% off of what you would pay just walking up to the counter! So how does it work? How can they afford to give such insanely discounted prices? It’s quite simple actually. Every hotel has a certain number of rooms that lie vacant every night of the week. Hotel Tonight has contracted to help them fill those empty blocks by offering them at a greatly reduced rate.  Here are the stipulations:

Hotels don’t want to give away any given room at a reduced rate before they are fairly sure that they won’t be rented at the regular rate… as a result, you can’t reserve a hotel room typically until after 12:00PM each day. Once you’ve found your hotel and book it, all you’ll need is your credit card (for incidentals) and a photo ID and your good to go. So wether you forgot Mother’s Day one too many times or missed a flight… whatever reason you may need a hotel, simply login to this app and find rates that are ridiculously low that not even the best bargain hunting websites can usually offer.

Now what if you are actually on the other end? Do you own or help manage a hotel? Every room that goes unrented each night is lost income… why not make those rooms work for you? Here’s where Hotel Tonight makes sense for both parties. Hotel Tonight markets primarily to people that don’t wake up in the morning anticipating that they’re going to be needing a hotel room that night. On they call these folks (like me) impulse bookers. Because of this, these incredibly low prices are only shared via the mobile app and aren’t broadcasted to the average web-surfer. As a business owner, you determine how many room blocks you want to allow to go up for sale and at what price turning empty beds into a profit. With a service like this, everyone wins. For more information you can visit to learn more.

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Hotel Tonght

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