iOS 9: Help with how to fix a crashing app on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

This article explains for iOS 9: Help with how to fix a crashing app on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch. One of the most frustrating things when using an iPhone, iPad (Mini), or iPod Touch is when an app crashes.  Apps crash for various reasons. Many times the app crashes because there is some bug that the developers did not catch. Sometimes, the app can have data that is corrupted. Other times the cause of an app crashing is simply because their is not enough available memory when the app is launched. Regardless of the cause, the frustration is still the same.

So, what can be done when an app crashes on you in iOS 9? How can this be fixed? The first thing to do is to open the App Store and find the app. Check to see if there are any acknowledgements by the developers or complaints from users about a bug. If so, you will need to wait for the developer to release an updated version of the app. However, if there are no listed software bugs, then, try these 3 things to fix the crashing app on your iDevice running iOS 9:

iOS 9: Help with how to fix a crashing app on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch1. Close (Force Quit) the app from the Multitasking Tray
The first thing I always do when an app is crashing on me is to close out of the app in the multitasking tray. This process quits the app in a way that releases it from the processing memory of the device so that when you open it up the next time it starts fresh. All you need to do to close the crashing app from the multitasking tray is to double tap the home button to reveal multitasking mode. You will see the app icon above an app preview window. To close the app, all you need to do is swipe up on the preview window. The crashing app will disappear from the multitasking tray and the app beside it will slide over into it’s place. Now the crashing app has been closed and will open fresh the next time it is launched. Often times this solves a app crash issue in iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. However, if the app still crashes, go to step 2.

2. Close all apps and perform a hard reset of your iOS device

If your app continues to crash even after you have completed step 1, then you should close all of your apps and restart the device. Do all the steps in Step 1 but when you get to the step where you close the app swiping it up and off the screen, do this for all the apps. Often times you may have 5, 10, 20, or more apps that are in the Multitasking Tray. To speed up this process, you can swipe up on 2-3 apps at a time to close all 2-3 apps at once. Then, once you have quit all of the apps, do a hard reset on your iDevice. To do this, simply hold down the Home Button and the On/Off Button (on the top of the device) for about 15 seconds. Wait for the screen to go black and once the Apple Logo appears, then release the Home  Button and the On/Off Button. Let your iOS device start up and try to open the crashing app again. I recommend closing all apps and performing a hard reset every couple of weeks on your device to help maintain the health and speed of the device. See this article for more on this: How to Hard Reset an iOS Device. If the app still crashes after completing step 2, then proceed to step 3.
iOS 9: Help with how to fix a crashing app on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

3. Delete the App and Reinstall it (be sure to backup the device in iTunes before deleting the app if you have files in the app that you need to keep)

The last step in this process is to delete the app and reinstall it. This will help remove any corrupt files. Caution: If you have files that are connected to the app you want to delete, be sure you have copies elsewhere or have a backup of your iDevice on iTunes or iCloud. Deleting the app will delete all the app’s data as well. Once you are sure you have a backup completed, tap and hold on the app you want to delete. The app will begin to wiggle and then you can tap on the black “X” in the upper left corner of the app. Once you have deleted the app, find it in the App Store and reinstall it. If the app was a paid app, you will be able to download and install the app again for free. If the crashing app is a stock app (ie. Mail, Calendar, Messages, etc) then you won’t be able to delete it. Try this tip if the crashing app is a stock app: How to fix Crashing Stock Apps
iOS 9: Help with how to fix a crashing app on iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch

One additional key component to this step in iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9 is to make sure that you delete the data that the app may store in iCloud as well. Not all apps use iCloud for storage but many do. If an app does use iCloud storage, you will need to delete this in addition to deleting the app itself (Note: just be cautious that you don’t need any of the data synced with iCloud as deleting the iCloud storage for the app will erase the data for that app). For example, I recently had an app that I installed that began to crash every time I opened it. I followed all of the above steps including deleting and reinstalling the app. It still crashed. Then, I realized that the app was syncing data to my other devices via iCloud. I had to delete the app, then delete the app’s data in iCloud, and then reinstall it. This time the app launched without a problem. To delete an app’s iCloud data, open up the Settings App and navigate to iCloud –> Storage and Backup –> Manage Storage. If you don’t see the app listed in the top 5 apps,  tap on Show All. Find the App Data and tap on it. Tap Edit in the upper right corner and scroll down to the bottom and tap on Delete or Delete All. Close the Settings app and open the App Store to reinstall the app that had been crashing. Then, see if it fixed the crash problem for the app in iOS 7, iOS 8, or iOS 9.

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  1. Thank you very much for explaining the process of how to fix a crashing app. It was quite easy to understand. I only needed to go through step one, clicking on all the minus signs. Now everything is working like new. Thanks again

  2. I have iPhone 4 32gb that problem with my phone is that when I upgraded my iphone to ios 6 the all the social networking application started crashing…so I installed ios 4.2.1 but problem with this that .. I doesnt support all the social networking apps. then I installed ios 5 but again iphone crashes even I receive call or in some cases im not able to receive ..what should I do please help me

    • Thanks for the question. Did you try all of the above steps? What apps are you trying to use? It may be a bug in the app itself and not your phone. It is always best to stay upgraded to the most recent iOS for stability and security. Let me know if you have more questions on this.

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    • Yes, the two are probably linked. Sorry you are having these issues. The only other option is to do a back up of your device, then do a full reset through iTunes. Then, restore the backup onto your device. That should do it!

  4. updated to iOs7 and now the mail client crashes constantly. the mail opens and after 3-5 sec it crashes. tried the above steps … apart from step 3. note: I have an iPhone 4.

    • What kind of email services do you use? POP or IMAP? If you use IMAP, then you can just delete the various email accounts you have set up in the preferences and then try to open the app. If it opens, then you can add the email accounts back in. Just be sure to make sure it is an IMAP account or you could loose all your emails. If you are using and email address or a gmail address, chances are it is an IMAP account. Hope this helps and feel free to ask a follow up question if it doesn’t.

  5. Hi thanks for the advice. I have files inside an app that I really don’t want to loose. How can I recover the files from the app when it keeps crashing? If I follow the steps above I can’t see at what point I can recover the files. Thanks for you help

    • Yes, there is a chance you will lose the files inside the app if it continually crashes. However, you can try to do a restore of your device after making a complete backup on iTunes. This causes all of the apps to be reinstalled and often times solves the crashing app issue. Just be sure to do the backup first. Hope this helps.

        • What has been working for a lot of people with the Facebook app is to delete it and reinstall it. Often times a restart in between helps too. As long as you don’t have any data you will lose from the other apps, I would suggest doing the same thing with those too.

        • Another thing you can try with the built-in apps like the Mail app is to log out of your account and then set it up as a new account. Just be sure that you are using an IMAP account (most common setup for gmail, iCloud, etc.) so that you don’t loose your emails. Give it a try and let me know.

  6. I have tried all that you have suggested. The apps that are crashing our Safari, settings, photos and I can’t delete those. Any other suggestions?

    • Wow, that sounds really frustrating. One possible reason why these apps are crashing is that you have run out of memory on the device. I would try connecting your device to iTunes on your computer and freeing up some memory (delete some photos, unused apps, etc). If this doesn’t work, then do a full backup and a restore of iOS 7. Then, restore from your backup and see if that fixes the problem. Hope this helps.

      • It’s definitely not my memory, I have plenty of it. Just to be sure, I deleted all apps & tried to restore. I went so far as to reset it as a new ipad. It’s wasn’t too much of a big deal since the iPad belongs to my 9 year old & she didn’t have much that needed saving. It’s didn’t work either. I guess I am gonna have to wait till apple fixes it!

  7. tried all the above numerous times but no luck. My problem is different though. My fb and twitter apps are in a sort of minimized state in the center of the screen. Any suggestions?

    • I think the best thing to do in this situation is to do a full backup and then restore the device to iOS 7. Then restore from your backup. It will take a little bit of time but it will definitely fix the minimized apps in the center of the screen. Hope this helps.

  8. There is no fix. Apple made a new OS that is full of bugs and they won’t fix it til the next major update. Very frustrating. My ipad and 5S crash everyday, whether it is a stand alone app or a built in widget. I’m a former Apple fanboy.

  9. Whatever route one takes, whether they decide to buy iPhone parts wholesale, sell a broken or damaged iPhone, or sell an older model iPhone, at the end of the day it’s better for everyone than just throwing it away. Keeping dangerous chemicals and waste out of our landfills by keeping old electronics out- while getting paid for it- just sounds like the smart decision.

    • There are a couple of things you can do when a built in app is crashing. First, you can try to turn your email account off and then on again (be sure you have set up your email as an IMAP account and not a POP3 account, otherwise you might lose your email history). If this doesn’t work, then, you will need to back up the iPad mini (to iTunes) and then do a full restore. See if that works.

  10. Most of the companies compete in the manufacturing price but they do not pay their attention to improve the quality of the accessories. It is very important to consider the quality of the accessories while buying them for your iPhone.

  11. I have tried all above. when I go into the iCloud there is nothing there, but when I try to reinstall the app it shows a cloud with a down arrow where the word install would be. is that normal?

    • Yes, that is normal. The cloud with a down arrow lets you know that you have previously purchased this item (whether paid or free) and you can re-download it at any time you need. Go ahead and reinstall the app and see if that works.

  12. Tumblr crashes whenever i open it. It doesn’t even bring up anything, it just shows a blue screen for a few seconds and then crashes. I have tried all of the above steps and nothing is working! Any other suggestions???? Please help.

    • Sorry that the above steps haven’t worked. The only other options are for you to do a backup and full restore of the iOS device through iTunes or to just wait until the app gets updated. Have you check the App Store to see if there are any updates available?

  13. after the update for instagram yesterday everytime I try to open it , it wont open up, I tried doing a hard restart and that didn’t work? if I delete the app and reinstall it will all my post be gone?

    • Sorry to hear this. You should be able to delete the app and reinstall it. All of your posts are stored on the Instagram server so they will reload as soon as you reinstall the app and log back in.

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    • To perform a backup, simply connect you iOS device to a computer and use iTunes to complete a full backup. You can also do a partial backup through iCloud as long as you have enough available space in your iCloud storage account. Let me know if you need more info on how to do this.

  15. Is it possible that if my storage is almost full that it can have an affect on my apps crashing because almost all my apps are crashing before they even get a chance to open and some just aren’t working 100%

    • Yes, this can definitely have an effect on apps crashing. Each app requires a certain amount of available memory just to load and be used. If you are running low on memory, it could cause apps to crash. Try deleting some photos or videos to free up some space (make sure your transfer a copy of the photos/videos to another location first if you want to save them).

    • Have you checked whether or not you have available memory (look in Settings –> General –> About and look under Available)? Sometimes if you are running low on available memory, all apps will crash. If this isn’t the issue, then, you will need to do a full back and restore again.

    • The only step left is to do a backup through iTunes and then do a restore to factor settings in iTunes. Then, you can restore the device from the backup you just created. This should do it. Plan for a couple hours as it takes awhile to complete these steps.

  16. Hi I’ve been playing the kim kardashian game for about 3 days, the game suddenly keeps crashing on me and I have tried all these steps except for deleting the file off of iCloud. If I do that won’t all my data be gone and I would lose all my progress? Please help thank you

    • Sorry to hear this. Yes, chances are that you will lose your progress if you delete the app data from iCloud unless the game stores the information on their own servers. What version of iOS are you running? This will often impact a game’s performance as well. One other thing to check on an app crashing is to make sure that your device has enough free memory. If you get down to 500mb or less, you might run into problems with apps crashing. If this isn’t the issue, you may have to wait till the developer issues an update to the game. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have more questions.

  17. Thank you so much for this helpful information! I’m new to my iPad ios7 and was frustrated with a crashing app. Totally fixed and ready to go now and wish I’d found your site earlier!

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  20. Tried all the above steps…still everytime i try to paste a bunch of pics to a mail, the inbuilt mail app crashes…its so frustrating!!! How can i fix this…

    • I think what is probably happening is that it is overloading the mail app and there is not enough memory to process all of those pictures at once. Typically, it is best to do 5 pictures at a time in an email, otherwise you risk running out of memory to complete the task. Give it a try with only 5 pictures and see if that works. Hope this helps.

  21. I have a single app “The Producers Manual” that keeps crashing after OS8 update. It was a $14 app. It’s really just a book that crashes when advancing to the next chapter. The company is aware but didnt offer any definative info on a fix. Apparently they outsource development and there would be a charge to them to fix. The app is still being sold on itunes store. How is that allowed? Can this be escalated to Apple directly?

    • It might be worth checking with Apple about this. It is unfortunate that the developers are not taking more action to correct this – very frustrating, especially with a $14 app. I hope you are able to get some response soon.

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