Get Rewarded for watching TV – A Viggle Review for iPad (mini), iPhone, iPod Touch

You are already watching TV, why not get rewarded for itDo you love to watch TV? Do you love to earn points to use for shopping? Why not mix those two loves together. That’s what Viggle does. Whenever you are watching TV, just open your Viggle app and “check in” to that show. Viggle will “listen” to the show, recognize what you are watching and give you information about that show. You can click on to IMDB and get deeper info about that show. You can also find out more by clicking the Facebook link, the Twitter link or the Wikipedia link.

For each minute you watch, you get a point. Points are tallied and can be used for “stuff.” There are other ways to get points as well. It depends on what you are watching. The latest update includes special episodes that are worth 2xs, 3xs and even 4xs the points. Sometimes you can watch commercials within the app and get even more points.

Get rewarded for watching TVThere is a “What’s On” button that will show you featured shows that are usually worth more points and show you what shows include Viggle Live. Viggle Live is an interactive game you can play. They are usually trivia questions that have to do with the last episode, but sometimes directly with the episode you are watching.

Some sporting events will include MyGuy. This is another interactive game where you go up against 10 other Vigglers. You are trying to predict who will make a significant play next. You can keep changing the player you want as your key player. The person at the end with the most points wins and gets bonus points added to their running total.

There is an option to set reminders for shows you don’t want to forget to Viggle. This comes in handy when you are looking for shows that give you bonus points and have interactive games. You can also interact with other Vigglers in the activity section of the app.

Get rewarded for listening to musicThe latest addition to Viggle is an option to check into music as well. This typically gives you 25 points for checking in. This is another way of getting quick points added to your total.


You are already watching TV. Why not get something for it?
It has interactive features to it.
Prizes/gift cards

Every show is not covered
The rewards are not always as great as I would like
Some of the rewards are just a percentage off that I think you can get anywhere.

Download the iPhone app here.
Download the iPad app here.


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