Easy Calendar is my favorite iOS Calendar App (includes 6 month calendar view at a glance)

I started using Easy Calendar a number of months ago. It has made my calender experience on my iPhone dramatically better. First off, it fully integrates with all the installed calendars on your iPhone so you don’t have to fuss with adding accounts. The second thing I love about this app is the way it displays the week. You get to see the whole week in one spot and tapping on any day will reveal just the events fo that day in a little popup window.

Adding events is by far my favorite part of the app. To add an event simply tap on the day and then tap the green bar at the bottom that says “Add Event”. What appears is a simple way to add the title of the event, the time, and select which calendar the event should go on (if you have multiple calendars). Tap done and the event is added. If you need to add more details, just select the event and tap more and the traditional calendar edit look will appear with a more complex set of options to edit the event.In the week view, navigating from week to week is as simple as swiping from right to left to move forward in the calendar or left to right to go back a week. If you want to navigate to a specific date in the past or

Adding an event can be done in 3 simple taps.

future, simply tap on the Week number and year at the top of the screen. A 6 month view calendar will appear and you can double tap on any week you want to navigate to. The 6 month view calendar feature also makes it easy to see what day of the week it is 5 or 6 months out.

Pushing up from the bottom of the screen reveals a search box. Type in any words to search for specific events.

Turning the phone sideways into landscape mode will reveal 3 weeks at a time. Swiping left or right will navigate backwards and forwards through the weeks. Tapping on any day brings up the day view.

Overall, this app makes the calendar experience on the iPhone much simpler and quicker to navigate all with using the built in calendars that you already use. Click the link below to read more about the app in the app store:

Easy Calendar - T. van Zummeren

More images of the app:

Activate search bar by pushing up from the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the “Week #” at the top of the screen to activate the 6 month calendar view. Double tap on any week to go directly to that week.

Landscape mode shows 3 full weeks at a time. Tapping on any day brings up the events for that day.

Simply tap on any day to reveal the day view. Tap on the Green button at the bottom to Add an Event.


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