Slo-mo Mod – Use slo-mo video mode on unsupported jailbroken devices

This post overviews Slo-mo Mod, a jailbreak tweak that enables the iPhone 5s’ slow motion video capture mode on older iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.     One of the features that Apple used to show off the power of its newest flagship phone, the iPhone 5s, was its slo-mo video capture mode. The iPhone 5s’ A7 processor packs in enough power for the phone to capture slow motion HD video at 120 frames per second. Unfortunately, as often is the case with Apple’s best and newest features, the slo-mo video mode that was released on iOS 7 for the Continue Reading →

f.lux Review – Make your screen less harsh at night on jailbroken iPhone, iPad (Mini, Air), or iPod Touch

This post reviews f.lux, a jailbreak tweak that automatically warms the tint of your jailbroken iPhone, iPad (Mini, Air), or iPod Touch’s display at night making your device easier on your eyes. Have you ever noticed that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s display is tough to look at at night? LCD displays tend to have a blue hue to them, which can be really harsh at night. In fact, since natural sunlight is on the blue end of the spectrum it could also be argued that staring at a bright blue screen at night could not be good for Continue Reading →

QuickContacts – Access your favorite contacts directly from Spotlight on jailbroken devices

This post reviews QuickContacts, a jailbreak tweak that adds your favorite to Spotlight on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could quickly access your most frequently used contacts directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch’s home screen? QuickContacts is a jailbreak tweak that lets you do just that. With iOS 7, Apple changed the way you access Spotlight search. Instead of swiping over to access a page located to the left of your home screen, pulling down on the app icons and iOS will immediately launch a Spotlight search. QuickContacts replaces the Spotlight interface with Continue Reading →

Forecast – Use live animated weather as wallpaper on jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch

Forecast is a jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 that uses live, location based weather animations as your device’s wallpaper. This is a video review of Forecast, a beautifully designed jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 that uses live weather animations as wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out the video below! For more information on jailbreaking, please see our series on the subject starting here. To find out how to jailbreak iOS 7, click here. Forecast is available for 99 cents. Use the Search tab in Cydia to find and purchase it or tap here.

Bloard – Use dark keyboard by default on jailbroken devices

Bloard is a jailbreak tweak that uses iOS 7’s dark keyboard as the default keyboard throughout iOS. If you’ve been using iOS 7 for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are two different keyboards included with the OS – a light keyboard and a dark keyboard. Most often, iOS 7 opts for the light keyboard as it is more in line with its white design aesthetic. However, I remember that when I saw the dark keyboard slide on to the screen for the first time when using Spotlight search I thought, “Woah.” The dark keyboard matches my Continue Reading →

Summary of Apple’s Oct 22nd iPad event

Tuesday, in its third major media event of 2013, Apple took the lid off several new hardware and software products. The star of the show was the iPad, which received a major overhauls, but many other products were announced and released as well including new Mac computers, Mac OS X Mavericks, and more. This post is a summary of Apple’s Oct 22nd iPad event. Let’s take a quick look at everything Apple announced Tuesday! OSX Mavericks – Apple gave an extensive preview of version 10.9 of Mac OS X earlier this year, but Tuesday it released the latest version of the Continue Reading →

Apple Reveals iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

On Tuesday, September 10th, Apple revealed its latest iPhone hardware. This year instead of one new iPhone, they announced two: the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. In this post, I’ll overview the two new handsets in detail covering all the new features and updates. While the bulk its keynote address focused on the iPhone, Apple also described a few other exciting things that are coming this fall so I’ll cover those as well. Let’s get down to it! iPhone 5c – Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, Apple has always debuted one new iPhone model each year. They Continue Reading →

Apple’s Fall 2013 Product Release Events and Rumors: iOS 7, iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple has a busy and exciting fall ahead! In this post, we’ll overview Apple’s upcoming fall product release events and cover the rumors surrounding the launch of Apple’s new flagship iPhone, a new budget iPhone model, the next full-sized iPad, a significant update to the iPad Mini, and updated Mac computers.  If you’re interested in getting a new Apple device soon, you’ll likely want to wait until Apple releases their new products this fall. Let’s start by taking a look at Apple’s upcoming fall product release events. Fall Product Release Events At this point, it looks likely that Apple will Continue Reading →

4 Hardware Improvement wishes for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Wish list for future iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Having been an iPhone user since the original iPhone was introduced in 2007, I have thought a lot about specific hardware improvements that would make the overall user experience better. It is never clear what Apple will introduce but here’s to hoping that 1 or all of these items on my wish list will appear in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. 1. Elongated home button that is touch sensitive and allows for multitasking app switching Over the past couple of years, there have been some rumors about the potential of an elongated or oval home button. The idea behind Continue Reading →

Will the iPhone 6 have a bigger screen? Do you have screenvy?

There has been lots of discussion over screen size for the iPhone. Apple says that if they build an iPhone with a bigger screen, users won’t be able to reach the entire screen with one hand significantly limiting the device’s usability. However, with competitors making smartphones with much larger screens, people are starting to get screenvy – a serious condition where a person wishes their smartphone had as large a screen as their neighbor’s smartphone. In January of 2013, rumors began to spread that Apple was working on an iPhone with a bigger screen size – 4.8″. It seems that Continue Reading →