Microsoft Office for iPad Review – Edit Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote documents on iPad

Microsoft Office is finally available for iPad! This post reviews the Office apps for iPad and covers Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft has finally brought a fully featured version of its productivity suite to iOS, and more specifically to the larger screen of the iPad. While it’s true that Microsoft Office has been available on the iPhone since June of 2013, the iPhone version is only able to view documents and can’t edit them. The iPad versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote are a completely different story and rival the desktop Continue Reading →

Knock Review – Unlock your Mac using your iPhone

Knock lets you unlock your Mac by knocking on your iPhone, just like knocking on a door! Using it makes unlocking your Mac quick, easy, and fun. I use a pretty complex and long password to secure my Mac computers. While it’s true that entering my password is almost a reflex, I certainly don’t look forward to typing it in. Using Knock, though, makes unlocking my Mac a lot easier and more elegant. Let’s see how it works! Set Up – Knock consists of two different apps: one that runs on your iPhone and one that runs on your Mac. Both Continue Reading →

Taasky – a beautiful task & to-do list for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (mini)

Taasky – a beautiful task & to-do list for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (mini) Chances are either you are great at coming up with big ideas and your “finally going to wrangle the details in your life” or you’re already pretty studious with your task management and are looking for something to better maximize your time and effectiveness. Regardless of where you land, Taasky might just be the app you’re looking for to help you keep on top of the to-do’s in your life. Like any app, if the main features take more than a few minutes to figure Continue Reading →

How to use airplane boarding passes in Passbook for iPhone

This post shows you how to add airplane boarding passes to the Passbook app and use them from your iPhone, letting you skip long airport check in lines! Recently, I took a flight from Portland to Dallas for work. I don’t fly very often so I was excited to try out my airline’s iPhone app and connect it with Apple’s Passbook. I was pretty impressed by the experience and it ended up saving me a lot of time in the airport. In this post, I’ll show you how to do this for yourself on your next trip! Step 1: Download Continue Reading →

Airmail Review – Great, fast email app for Mac OS X

This post reviews Airmail, a fast email client for Mac OS X that combines a simple design with great features.     I’m someone who uses and likes most of Apple’s native apps on iOS and Mac OS X, but I’ve never been a fan of the stock email apps on either platform. Mail on iOS, while it has been improved in the last few years, just seems to have a lot of extra features that I don’t tend to use. I like the experience of sending emails to be simple and lightweight. The Mail app on Mac OS X Continue Reading →

How to create iCloud contact groups for iPhone, iPad (Mini, Air) and iPod Touch

This post shows you how to create contact groups in iCloud and easily send emails and texts to lists of people using your iOS device. If you’re like me, there are groups of people that you send texts and emails to all the time. It used to be that every time I needed to contact a given group I had to type each of their names individually into the To: field in the Messages app or my favorite email app. However, I recently discovered an easy way to create groups of contacts and quickly send them messages all at once in Continue Reading →

ETA Review – How to quickly find current driving times on iPhone and iPod Touch

This post reviews ETA, an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to quickly see how long it would take to walk or drive to your favorite locations. I really like apps that boil down complex information and make it easy to digest. ETA is one of these apps. Developed by a company called Eastwood, ETA lets you build a list of your most-frequently-traveled-to locations. The app then displays how long it would take, from your current location, to drive or walk to each of them. Let’s take a closer look at ETA and see how it combines Continue Reading →

What AirPlay is and how to use it in iOS 7

This post shows you how to use Apple’s AirPlay feature to share music, photos, video, and even what’s currently on your screen with another Apple device. One of the things that sets Apple apart from its competitors is their ability to create a cohesive ecosystem which allows all their products to work together seamlessly. One of my favorite examples of part of this ecosystem in action is a feature Apple introduced in 2010 called AirPlay.  It allows you to send all kinds of media (music, photos, video, screen mirroring) wirelessly between your Apple devices. If you take a photo or video Continue Reading →

ayeris Review – The best iOS 7 theme for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch

This post reviews ayeris, a new theme for jailbroken devices running iOS 7 that brings a subtle, but welcome, redesign to the iOS 7 icons and interface. One of the benefits of jailbreaking an iOS device is installing custom themes that change the icons and interface. Arguably, themes became even more beneficial with the advent of iOS 7’s controversial icon redesign. ayeris is a new theme by renowned designer Surenix that takes iOS 7’s design influences and enhances them, bringing subtle changes and a pastel-neon color palette. In this post, we’ll hold ayeris under the magnifying glass and show why Continue Reading →

Slo-mo Mod – Use slo-mo video mode on unsupported jailbroken devices

This post overviews Slo-mo Mod, a jailbreak tweak that enables the iPhone 5s’ slow motion video capture mode on older iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.     One of the features that Apple used to show off the power of its newest flagship phone, the iPhone 5s, was its slo-mo video capture mode. The iPhone 5s’ A7 processor packs in enough power for the phone to capture slow motion HD video at 120 frames per second. Unfortunately, as often is the case with Apple’s best and newest features, the slo-mo video mode that was released on iOS 7 for the Continue Reading →