Best Features of iOS 10

This article is all about the best features of iOS 10. Apple released iOS 10 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on September 13, 2016. iOS 10 is one of the most feature packed upgrades to iOS ever. But with all the new features, there are several that stand out as the best and most useful. Here are 7 of the best features of iOS 10:

1. Messages

Best Features of iOS 10

The Messages app includes incredible new features in iOS 10. There are different kinds of effects to highlight the message you are sending as well as a new feature called Invisible Ink. With Invisible Ink you can send a message that looks like blurred TV white noise to the receiver. As soon as they swipe on the message, the white noise disappears and reveals the Invisible Ink Message. There are also more cool effects like fireworks, confetti, and stickers. Apple has also included emojification in iOS 10. This means that you can type out a message and then tap the emoji keyboard and it will automatically scan your message for any possible words that can be replaced with an emoji. Then, simply tap the highlighted word and it is automatically replaced with the corresponding emoji icon.

Even more amazing than all the special effects is the ability to access favorite apps to make content, share it, make payments and more without ever leaving the Messages app. This is a big deal as it allows developers to seamlessly integrate their apps and services right into the app itself. This means that in iOS 10 you are able to do things like send and receive money to someone else right from within the Messages app.

2. Photos

The Photos app in iOS 10 has some exciting new features. First up is an all new search feature that allows you to search not only the date and location of a photo, but also the content of a photo. This includes people’s faces, topography, buildings, etc. In other words, you could search for something like, “pictures of mountains” and your search results will show all your photos that have a mountain in them. Pretty amazing!

Best Features of iOS 10

In addition, the Photos app in iOS 10 includes a feature to automatically group your photos into Memories. From these Memories, you can automatically create videos, complete with music, that you can then save and share as you want. There are even options to customize the specific pace and feel of the video that was automatically put together (you can slow it down, speed it up, change the music, etc).

3. Raise to Wake

This is an exciting feature in iOS 10 that allows you to raise the iPhone towards you and the screen will automatically come on displaying your new notifications. If you have an Apple Watch, this is something that you have become accustomed to and will naturally extend to the iPhone. The other reason this is an important new feature is that with the improvements of Touch ID, many people were experiencing issues with unlocking their iPhone too quickly and not giving enough time to see notifications on the lock screen. So, in addition to the Raise to Wake feature, you will need to press the home button to unlock your screen and go to the home screen.

4. Delete Stock Apps

This exciting iOS 10 feature is pretty self explanatory. You now have the option to delete apps that come pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad. So, if you never use the stock Maps app and instead you use Google Maps, you are now able to delete the Maps app and use Google Maps.

Best Features of iOS 10

5. Siri

Siri receives a huge upgrade in iOS 10 by giving access to developers. This means that you can use Siri to perform a greatly expanded set of actions all across your favorite apps. For example, if you frequently use Uber to go places, you can simply ask Siri to “Get me an Uber to SFO.” Siri will access the Uber app and input the necessary information to get your Uber ride called for you.

6. Integrated VoIP Apps

In the past, it has typically taken extra steps to be able to make and receive calls with a VoIP app. In iOS 10, this all changes. Now, the making and receiving calls portion of VoIP apps is integrated into the main Phone app. This means that if you receive a call from a friend in India via WhatsApp, it will ring on your iPhone in the same way that a normal phone call would. This is incredible and will enhance the usability of so many apps that have VoIP capabilities.

7. Home Kit

This is by far one of the most understated but hugely significant features of iOS 10. Home Kit in iOS 10 pulls together all of your smart home devices into one convenient and easy to use location – the Home app. You can even create scenes that allow you to control multiple smart home devices. These scenes can be controlled with the tap of a button on your iPhone or iPad and with Siri. For example, you can create a Nightime Scene that ensures the front door is locked, the garage door is down, the thermostat is set to a lower temperature for the night, and that your lights are all turned off. Then, you can simply tap Nightime to make all these changes automatically, or you can tell Siri “Good Night” and Siri will do the job of setting this “scene” that you have requested, getting everything ready for the night. This feature is one of the best additions because it allows you to bring together a wide variety of smart home accessories and control them with one easy to use interface and with Siri.

Best Homekit Improvements in iOS 10

There are lots more features in iOS 10. The are 7 of the best ones. If you have some favorite features of iOS 10 that you have discovered, feel free to leave them in the comments section so that others in the TeachMeiOS community can see those.

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