About Mike Labrum

I'm a father of two and husband of one living in the heart of Seattle. I manage a coffee shop called "The Bridge Coffee House" and am also a Community Pastor. I've been a long time Apple enthusiast and love technology that can help me accomplish my day to day tasks and goals with greater efficiency so I can spend more time doing things that really matter to me - spending time with people. On the technical side, I've managed to install Android on my iPhone, designed iPhone skins for jailbroken iPhones, and barely squeaked out an app which goes to show that with a little elbow grease and a good google search you can usually attempt just about anything.

Hotel Tonight for iPhone, iPad (mini) and iPod Touch

Hotel Tonight for iPhone, iPad (mini) and iPod Touch. You check out of your hotel, throw the bags in the rental car or taxi and head out with just enough time to make it through traffic as you make you’re way to the airport when you’re greeted by a sea of brake lights. After over an hour of being stuck in traffic you miss your flight… great. Now what? Hotel Tonight is a unique app in that they have worked out contracts with many different hotel companies to help ensure you get the best deal possible… and when I say Continue Reading →

3 Great Apps for Entertaining Your Kids on iPhone, iPad (mini), iTouch

Those of us with kids have all been there. You’re waiting in line, on an airplane, or stuck somewhere with your kids and the “nuclear melt down” is imminent. Guided Access paired with a fun kid friendly app can really be a life saver. The following are the top three apps that have come to my rescue when finding I’m in a tight spot with my three year old. For directions on how to activate Kid’s Mode (Guided Access), see this post: Click/tap here. Volt (FREE) This app simulates a plasma globe where bolts of electricity emanate from the gray Continue Reading →