4 Improvements I hope Apple Adds to Notifications in iOS 7

Wish List for Notifications and Alerts in iOS 7I am excited for iOS 7 whenever it makes its big debut (sometime this year, maybe in June). There are a number of improvements that I would like to see as Apple continues to add features to its mobile operating system. Here are 4 improvements to notifications I’d like to see Apple add in iOS 7.
  1. Add a “Snooze” button to the calendar and reminder notifications when alerts pop up on the screen. There are often times when I need 5 or 10 more minutes before I’m ready to jump in to my next project. When I dismiss the reminder, it disappears and if I don’t write it down somewhere, I may not remember to go back to it. A simple “Snooze” button would solve all of this. An ideal situation would be a “Snooze” dropdown menu that would allow for multiple snooze intervals of “5 Minutes,” “15 minutes,” “30 Minutes,” “1 Hour,” and “1 Day”. For simplicity sake, Apple could have the snooze activated by swiping the Alert Popup to the right or to the left. Doing this could show another popup with a few different snooze options.
  2. Ability to respond to text messages within the popup and in Notification Center. Often times I want to quickly respond to a text without leaving the app that I am in. It would be amazing if I could just tap on the text to pull up an overlay text messaging field where I could respond the text and then continue in the current app. I would also like to be able to open up the Notification Center and respond to any text message. I would envision the Notification Center interface expanding below the message I wanted to respond to allowing me to type in a quick response. A double tap on the message would open the Messages App.
  3. Customization of Widgets in Notification Center. This is a big one. I think that Apple should allow for custom widgets to be added to Notification center. I should be able to change the default weather or stocks app and app developers should be able to customize the look of these. I would also like to see additional widgets be allowed that developers could come up with much in the same way that the App Store created a venue for millions of creative minds to develop apps on a scale that Apple never could have.
  4. Option to add various system settings toggles to Notification Center. This is a simple change that would make my iPhone user experience way better. What I’m thinking of is the ability to add system settings like bluetooth on/off, airplane mode on/off, brightness, wifi on/off, etc. to the Notifications Center. This could be fully customized by the user depending on which settings were accessed most often. Having a feature like this would create overall easier access to settings on iOS devices.

Here’s to hoping that we get some or all of these features in iOS 7. Do you have other features you would like to see in iOS 7? Let us all know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “4 Improvements I hope Apple Adds to Notifications in iOS 7

  1. Unlikely you will get any of that. As for the settings in the notification settings i don’t like it on android and wish I could hide it. Plus someone can switch GPS of there on android/samsung with out a password and therefore can still a phone. Iphone one cannot switch of GPS if one puts a password on it.

    • Thanks for the comment. You make a really good point. I think the key here is to make sure that all of these settings are customizable so that people can choose to include them or not. That would be what I would suggest.

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