3 of my Favorite Wallpaper Photos for iPhone and iPod Touch

Placing the right wallpaper photo on the background of your iOS home screen can make a big difference in the aesthetics of your device. I have taken some photos over the past several months that work amazingly as wallpaper for the iPhone and iPod Touch. All 3 photos were shot with my iPhone 4S. For the 2 macro photos I used the Macro Olloclip Lens attachment (check it out on Amazon: Olloclip Lens for iPhone 4/4S, Olloclip for iPhone 5). The other one I shot using an app called SlowShutter which gives the photo a soft blurry feel. Here are 3 of my favorite wallpaper photos that I use.

To use these photos as wallpaper on your device, simply tap the photo you would like to use to open it in full resolution in your browser. Now tap and hold on the image for a couple of seconds. A button will pop up that will allow you to save the image to your iPhone or iPod Touch Camera Roll. Open the Photos App and tap on the photo you just saved. Then, tap the share button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Select, Use as Wallpaper and then move and scale the image to fit your screen. Then tap “Set” and this image will be your new wallpaper. Enjoy!

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