1Password App discounted by more than 50%

1Password App discounted by more than 50%1Password [Direct Link] is by far my most used app next to the built-in apps like Phone, Messages, Calendar, Camera, and Mail. I use 1Password every day. I was able to purchase 1Password awhile back for 50% off which is an incredible value based on how much the app can do. I have written before about 1Password and you can see the review here: 1Password App – Effortlessly remember all your logins and passwords. To summarize, 1Password is an app that allows you to input all of your logins, passwords, profile info, and even credit cards into a single location behind a master password. The iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch apps include a built in browser that allows you to automatically load usernames and passwords when logging in to sites that you visit. It is incredibly easy to use and takes the stress out of trying to remember dozens or even hundreds of passwords and logins. In addition, 1Password will help you create highly encrypted passwords for new online accounts that you sign up for. This ensures that your accounts are much more secure.

Another great feature about 1Password is that it syncs across all your devices using Dropbox or iCloud. This means that when you add a username and password into 1Password on one device, it will appear on all your other devices that are running the 1Password app. If you have the older version of 1Password – version 3 – then, syncing capabilities will be dropped in September. Only 1Password 4 will continue to support Dropbox syncing. That is the main reason the company behind 1Password is offering this incredible discount on the newest app. I have the 1Password Mac App as well (sold separately), so that my passwords are synced to my home computer as well. Here is a direct link to the Mac App as well: 1Password Mac App

Overall, for $7.99, you won’t find a better deal out there to safely and securely track all of your usernames and passwords. Click or Tap here to go directly to the app in the App Store: 1Password

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