10 Premium Apps go Free to celebrate 5 Year App Store Anniversary

10 Premium Apps go Free to celebrate 5 Year App Store AnniversaryOn July 10, 2013, the Apple App Store will celebrate its 5 year anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, Apple has decided to give away 10 apps for Free! These are premium iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch apps that normally cost anywhere from $.99 to $19.99 and are now FREE!

5 of the apps are what Apple calls “groundbreaking apps”. Then, there are 5 “landmark games” that Apple is giving away too. Even if you don’t need the apps right now, I suggest downloading them while they are free, then deleting them from your device. The purchases will be saved in your account and you will be able to download the apps again at any time for free when you are ready to use them.

As for the App Store, it is quite remarkable how fast it has grown. 5 years ago when the App Store launched, there were only 500 apps. Now there are more than 900,000 – that’s a lot of growth. Not only that but the App Store just celebrated its 50 billionth download as well. Nothing like this has ever been seen before with a software outlet.

Here are the 10 apps that Apple is giving away with direct links to the App Store so you can download these apps for free (for a limited time):


  1. Barefoot World Atlas ($4.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  2. Day One – Journal/Diary ($4.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  3. How to Cook Everything ($9.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  4. Over ($1.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  5. Traktor DJ for iPhone [Direct Link] / Traktor DJ for iPad ($19.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]


  1. Badland ($3.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  2. Infinity Blade II ($6.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  3. Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP ($4.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  4. Tiny Wings for iPhone [Direct Link] / Tiny Wings HD for iPad ($2.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]
  5. Where’s My Water ($.99 –> Free) [Direct Link]

There is no mention on how long these apps will be free. So, get them while you can to celebrate 5 years of the App Store. Thanks to Apple for offering these premium apps for Free!


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